Menu 1

Menú 1

When it eats , it summons the memory of the palate and in some sense is the heritage of the flavours.

Menu 1 
Menu tasting number 1
Appetizers of entrance….
- The three Croquettes
- Dürum Of Mediterranean pork shoulder 
- Cream of squash with shavings of idiazábal
- Bikini trufado With egg of quail
- Salad mini of fruits of the sea with mango
Second dishes to (choose previously)
- Crispy Iberian tears and lacadas with hoisin
- Confit Of duck wrapped in courgette to the port wine
- Loin of hake with gulas to the Basque
- Calamarcitos salteados With American sauce and Julian vegetables
- Carpaccio Of pineapple with ice cream of coconut
Drunk inluida, the coffee no. 
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