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-Sopita Of pota blava with pilots
-Squids in tempura of species
-Mini Falafel Of lamb with tzatziki  
-Salmon ahumado With brie and truffle 
-Salad niçoise

Second dish to choose (previously)
-Entrecot  With sauce of idiazábal and quince
-Meloso Of beef with sauce perigordini
-Duck confitado with sauce of citruses and brown
-Trunk of hake with Iberian and gulas
-Leg of octopus with eggplant and potato carbonara
-Rice caldoso with bogavante
-Profiteroles Of born with chocolate and strawberries
-Freezing of mango with knit of Tolosa
-Cake of cheese with red fruits 

Wines of selection
Water, coffees and Turrones
€50,00(iva incl.)

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