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Menu OF THE DAY 25/04/2024
Eggs poche to the florentina
Paella Sailor
Torrada Of pork shoulder and cheeses to the graten
Salad of ahumados and orange
 Osobuco Of beef with artichokes and boniato
Kofta Of flesh with sauce of gorgonzola and honey
Sea bass style thai with vegetables to the soya
Dogfish in green sauce
Octopus to feira (supplement €10)
Chuletón Matured 500gr, aprox. (supl .desde14€)
Potablava Cooked with prawns (supl. €13)
Entrecot With sauce to the 5 peppers (supl.11)
Carousel of cakes
Macedonia natural
Foam of cream pastelera with mini macaron
 Duet of sherbets Mandarin and lemon (supl.0,50ct)
 €17,00 1ª drunk included

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