Lunch Special

Lunch Especial

When it eats , it summons the memory of the palate and in some sense is the heritage of the flavours.
 The light, the music, the decoration, are the source of inspiration so that our cookery, a modern and current cookery, us delight with sinuosos and sabrosos dishes, and like this achieve that every night it turn into a watched to remember.

Lunch Special
Lunch Special
Durum Mediterranean of pork shoulder and cheese goat
I prick of wild boar salteado with pineapple
Assortment of home-made Croquettes
Chocos To the Andalusian
Dishes of stuffed selection with bread tomato 
Potatoes bravas
Buffet Of drinks
Format maxi
Beer, came soda and water
Included coffees…
€20(iva incl..) - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat